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My getting slim - Fruity Veggie Cathy

My getting slim - Fruity Veggie Cathy


Today I would like to post a message in My getting slim category about a relevant comment sent to me. To be short, it says: I eat, when I’m hungry. You may find it first obvious. However, is it always true?

We often eat out of habit, because it is time for lunch or dinner, because we feel stressed... But let’s listen to our bodies and we’ll know when we’re really hungry. This helps us adapt quantities in our plates, too. Let me explain: if we know when we’re hungry, we eat less. I’ve noticed it yet.

Some of you may find it astonishing or think we need to have set meal times. Since I changed my eating habits, I’ve been trying to feel when hunger arises. I am lucky to stay at home. It’s easier for me, I must admit. If I’m not hungry at noon, I have lunch at 2 pm. However, if I cannot eat when I’m hungry, I suffer from stomach aches.

Furthermore, I try to eat slowly and to chew properly. I also eat less according to how hungry I am. I happen to cut my piece of bread and only eat a part of it, if it seems too large or I don’t have any dessert, if I feel full.

I hope these few words were of interest to you.

Bye for now!

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