My getting slim

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My getting slim


As promised before I went on holiday, here is a brand new topic that could be of interest to you, I mean: My getting slim. Be careful: this is no magic solution! I’m neither nutritionist nor dietitian. It is just my experience I’d like to share with you to give some hope to anyone who deals with overweight. You do not need to be on a very strict diet or to take horrible mixtures or different kinds of products tested on animals. I try to do my best to live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

In a few words: I have lost 46 pounds within a year. I cannot believe it, but that is true: I’ve done it. If I have succeeded, why not you? Be careful though: as I am a vegetarian, no doctor or dietitian has helped me. I was on my own to do this. I have looked for information on the Internet and planned everything by myself. So, I suggest you get advice from a professional, if you have any questions, suffer from particular diseases or simply want to check your health. This post and those that will follow just testify to my own experience. We’re all different and our bodies may respond to changes in different ways. In other words, what is good for me may not be good for you. However, you may find some tips here and there from my next posts and recipes.

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Fruity Veggie Cathy - My getting slim

Fruity Veggie Cathy - My getting slim

Feel free to let me know your own experience.

I hope you will come back.

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