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My getting slim - Fruity Veggie Cathy

My getting slim - Fruity Veggie Cathy


Here is a new post in My getting slim topic. A key word about my losing weight: sport. I know it may be difficult for many people who don’t have time to practise physical exercise regularly. You probably work away from home, have children.. It’s not easy, I understand. But this is my experience I want to share with you. That’s why I just tell you how I could lose weight.

I practise sport about 6 hours a week, i.d. one hour a day or so: brisk walking, dance, aerobics, abs exercises, cardio workouts... Be careful: don’t think it costs a lot a of money. Brisk walking is so easy to practise. Put your best sport shoes on and go out for a walk at a fast pace in your town or in the countryside. I am lucky because I live in an area where there are still some green spaces. For other training I’ve bought some dvds and recorded fitness broadcasts on TV. It’s very convenient: I can play them several times. I realize then how easier it becomes to practise. When I dance, I usually practise improvisation, but I also use dvds and TV broadcasts.

That’s it!:)) My next post in this section will deal with my diet itself.

While waiting for it, you can leave me a message on my blog or send it through my contact form, if you have any questions or just want to share your own experience with me.

Welcome back!

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