Mixed salad with Granny Smith apple

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My mixed salad with Granny Smith apple

I like Granny Smith apples for their fresh and slightly acid taste.


Mixed salad with Granny Smith apple

Mixed salad with Granny Smith apple

Serves 3

Salad ingredients:
·    1 Granny Smith apple
·    2 tomatoes
·    ½ cucumber
·    1 green bell pepper
·    fresh dill
·    red oak leaf lettuce
·    lemon juice

Condiment ingredients:
·    3 Kiri® cream cheese portions
·    fresh dill
Salad dressing ingredients:
·    1 tsp tarragon mustard
·    3 tbsp grape seed oil
·    2 tbsp red raspberry wine vinegar
·    water
·    salt

Begin with salad dressing.  Mix mustard and vinegar. Add a pinch of salt, then oil. If you want a lower fat salad dressing with a milder taste, add some water and stir well. Yes, oil and water do not mix, but I can however get a well mixed dressing! Put aside.

To make condiment, smash cream cheese with a fork, then mix with chopped dill. Put aside in the fridge.

Wash and dry fruit and vegetables. Cut cucumber and tomatoes in slices, then put aside. Cut out the bell pepper stalk, core and seeds and remove white inner membrane, then cut the sweet pepper into strips and put aside. Core the apple, cut it into quarters and pour some lemon juice on it to prevent it from browning. Set aside.

Put any cut fruit and vegetables on a plate or dish, following your wishes. Spread the Kiri®/dill mixture on vegetables and fruit, then sprinkle some homemade dressing drops here and there. Decorate with dill sprigs. Serve with uncut or chiffonade red oak leaf lettuce.

Here you are: ready to taste it!


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